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Offshore Wind

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Typically based on 3 x 3 hour sessions for online delivery.

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Course objectives – is this for you?

The offshore wind sector is seeing both rapid growth and cost-reduction, offering access to wind resources that are stronger than those onshore, and with fewer of the land-use and other constraints that can slow development of onshore wind farms.

This time-effective yet comprehensive course is designed to provide an essential introduction to the unique opportunities and challenges that offshore wind presents. It will be of particular interest to business developers, investors and other strategically-focused influencers, who seek an clearly presented, independent and hype-free description of the key industry aspects. These include technological trends and innovations, development and construction processes, and market and economic opportunities and risks.


Session 1: What makes an offshore wind farm?

A clearly explained description of the components and infrastructure requirements of an offshore wind project, including turbines and foundations, cabling and grid connections; including key trends in equipment and deployment strategies.

Session 2: Project development and installation processes

An essential summary of the key project development requirements, processes and practices, including construction risks and challenges when working offshore, and lessons and innovations driving the evolution of the sector.

Session 3: Offshore wind innovations and trends

A hype-free analysis of the impact of emerging and potentially disruptive changes within the offshore wind sector, from floating turbines to offshore grids, to new integrations with technologies such as storage and hydrogen.

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