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Green Hydrogen

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Typically based on 3 x 4 hour sessions for online training.

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Course objectives – is this for you?

This course is intended for those seeking a time-effective, wide-ranging and independent perspective on opportunities within the rapidly growing market for clean hydrogen production from renewable power.

You will leave with a clearly explained, business-focused perspective on electrolysis technology and its cost determinants. You will learn how different inputs influence the cost of produced hydrogen, along with the other key variables in green hydrogen economics. You will have the opportunity to discuss, and learn from global examples, the key project development issues and market deployment lessons.


Session 1: Electrolysers and other equipment

A clear explainer, for business people, of green hydrogen production (electrolysis) technologies and the performance metrics that matter.

Session 2: The economics of green hydrogen production

A quantitative illustration of the input and output variables which determine the cost and competitiveness of green hydrogen production, along with up-to-date summaries of available market data and trends.

Session 3: Project deployment issues

A concise and focused discussion of the key practical deployment hurdles to be overcome in deploying green hydrogen projects, including site selection, renewable power integration, stakeholder management and other factors.

Session 4: Market demand and the competitive environment

An up-to-the-minute review of green hydrogen deployment trends, including application types, common project features, business cases and competing clean energy solutions.

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