Hydrogen Markets & Demand

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Online example shown below, based on 3 x 3-4 hour sessions.

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Course objectives – is this for you?

This examples-focused course is intended for those seeking a comprehensive, hype-free and independent perspective on the market segments which will (and won’t) drive demand for hydrogen.

You will leave with a clearly explained, business-focused perspective on the competitive context of hydrogen across its various use cases. You want to separate what is actually happening in the market from the headlines and hype, and to identify the drivers and credible near-term opportunities for your business. You want to evaluate barriers to hydrogen within certain market segments and its competitive advantages in others, illustrated by examples taken from a global perspective.


Session 1: Hydrogen market segmentation and assessment

Views on the future growth of hydrogen vary from positioning it as ‘the new oil’ to dismissing it as another over-hyped false dawn. What is the reality likely to be and which factors will determine it?

Identifying drivers of demand for hydrogen (separating reality from hype)

  • Having failed to develop before, why is ‘the hydrogen economy’ back in play?

  • Understanding policy and industry drivers, plus stakeholders and key players

  • Hydrogen today and market segments for tomorrow

  • Quantifying limits to scalability for clean hydrogen production

  • Supply chain integration challenges which impact on hydrogen market opportunities

Examining the role of hydrogen in energy transition strategies and policies

  • Reviewing the hydrogen strategies announced by key countries and regions

  • Positioning hydrogen in the competitive environment of the wider energy transition

  • Sector coupling and the role of clean hydrogen within energy electrification

  • A systematic approach to hydrogen market assessment and competitive analysis

  • The geopolitical and strategic implications of hydrogen as an energy vector

Session 2: Hydrogen in industrial applications and heat

Illustrated with examples from around the world, an up-to-the-minute briefing of where and why hydrogen is being applied to industrial applications and as a fuel for heat.

Industrial markets for clean hydrogen

  • Assessing key industrial market segments (including competing alternatives)

  • Refining

  • Ammonia production

  • Other chemicals applications

  • Steelmaking

  • Cement

Hydrogen as a fuel for heat

  • Blending with natural gas

  • 100% hydrogen heating

  • Industrial heat

  • Key competition assessment: electrification of heat (both domestic and industrial)

Session 3: Hydrogen in power and transport

Illustrated with examples from around the world, an up-to-the-minute briefing of where and why hydrogen is being applied to power and CHP applications and as a fuel for transport.

Hydrogen in power (and CHP)

  • Transitioning from gas (and coal) to hydrogen: utility-scale power generation

  • Hydrogen in constrained electricity environments (microgrids, islands etc.)

  • Combined heat and power using hydrogen (at various scales)

  • By-product hydrogen for power generation

  • Long-term energy storage via hydrogen

Hydrogen as a transport fuel

  • Key competition assessment: batteries vs. hydrogen in transport applications

  • Relevant approaches to segmenting the transport market

  • Trucks and buses

  • Specialist vehicles and applications

  • Trains

  • Shipping

  • Aviation

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