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Clean Ammonia

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Typically based on 3 x 3-hour sessions.

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Course objectives – is this for you?

This course is intended for those seeking a comprehensive, hype-free and independent perspective on the technological developments and potential market growth opportunities for ammonia (when produced through low-carbon processes).

You will leave with a clearly explained, business-focused perspective on the competitive context of ammonia across its various use cases. You will be able to separate what is actually happening in the market from the headlines and hype, and to identify the drivers and credible near-term opportunities for your business. You will evaluate barriers to ammonia within proposed new market segments and its competitive advantages in others, illustrated by examples and studies taken from a global perspective.


Session 1: Ammonia properties and production

An essential summary of how ammonia is produced today, the emerging alternatives to create a 'cleaner' product, and both the practical and economic properties of ammonia which create opportunities and risks to its growth as a commodity.

Session 2: Ammonia transport and utilisation

Understand how ammonia can be moved from sources of production to those of demand and, in the context of fuel supply, how it stacks up against other alternatives. Plus what ammonia is and could be used for, including the status of technologies and devices to make use of it as an energy or hydrogen carrier.

Session 3: Market demand and the competitive environment

A critical analysis of potential and proposed growth pathways for clean ammonia, including market segmentation, announced and realistic timeframes, scalability, policy and project development factors.

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