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(NB. job titles & companies correct at time the testimonial was given - please visit LinkedIn for current attributions)

"As a new member of a hydrogen industry networking community, I had the opportunity to partake of some educational courses being taught by John. I found his presentation style to be very clear and effective. That, combined with what is clearly a deep and broad experience with Renewable Energy Sources, made him an exceptionally effective teacher.

I have since reached out to John for further benefit of his insights, and plan to leverage him as a key industry expert going forward.

Kevin Yaremchuck, Managing Director, GlobalBridge Solutions (US)

"In the past couple of months I have attended several events (all on zoom I hasten to add) with respect to the role hydrogen could play in the energy system. Dr. John Massey took a number of these webinars and never failed to impress.

His presentation style is calm, with intent, his pace natural, his voice clear. John is also approachable: he is happy to have a chat over the phone if you want to run something past him.

In terms of content, he is to the point, explains concepts clearly and demonstrates time and again he is widely read, on the renewable energy sector as whole, not just hydrogen. This is noticeable when he handles the Q&A. John also clearly continuously expands his knowledge base and network keeping abreast of new developments. In an afternoon webinar he will often refer to news on a project, a company or a policy issue that came out earlier that day."

Philip Leijten, Business Advisor & Project Development Professional, Sokasolutions (UK)

"I attended the Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies training course in Singapore. John ran this 4-day intensive program singlehanded where he bought deep knowledge, genuine passion for the sector/s and a willingness to engage with participants who had many, varied questions.


Spending time with the course participants from all over the world was also a highlight. I would highly recommend attending John’s courses."

Andrew Sutcliffe, General Manager Business Development, Jemena (Australia)

"John Massey provides an excellent course on energy storage systems and grid-connected electric vehicles (EVs). I will without a doubt recommend him to anyone interested in the interplay between energy storage systems, electricity networks and energy markets, policies, procurement and regulations.


His knowledge and group interaction makes the course not only highly informative, but also engaging and fun as we learn how to successfully transition to more environmentally sustainable energy systems."

Deon Fourie, Economist, IPP Office: Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), National Treasury and Dept. of Energy (South Africa)

"John Massey is not only a great professional but also one of the best teachers I have had. He has inspired me and motivated many others to keep on investing in update courses. I strongly recommend any course that he gives, as he teaches them with passion, professionalism and with a clear approach.

I definitely recommend his services to anyone in the energy sector."

Massimiliano Cervo, Energy Adviser, including: World Energy Council, Clean Energy Business Council (Argentina)

"I took John's Hydrogen Markets course which was really good. It gave me a really good insight into the Hydrogen industry (current and future) from production to consumption. John's course provides a balanced view about hydrogen (a nice change from evangelists and deniers) and makes use of latest evolutions. Highly recommended!"

Nic Renard, Development Director, HiiROC Ltd. (UK)

"I recently took the Mini MBA training course taught by John and it was exceptional. The themes were totally relevant and were explained with clarity and depth. John demonstrated a deep knowledge and solid experience not only in the business of renewable energy around the world, but also in financial matters.


He easily combines theory and reality, so that each topic is fully understood. Undoubtedly, I recommend the Mini MBA taught by John."

Leonardo Monsalvo, Market Analyst, Energy Consultant & Business Development, Axis Energy (Argentina)

"I recently attended the Renewable Energy MiniMBA with John. It was a really complete course, including a lot of the topics around renewable energy. Additionally, you can see the applicability through the great financial and energy models you had access to. I really liked this course."

Susana Ortiz, Finance Director Central America, Celsia Energía (Panama)

"I attended John’s class on Energy Storage for three days. I found the class to be very informative, up to date, and well structured. John walked us to the subject of Energy Storage starting from a big picture and then went down to a more micro picture of the battery technology and its application.


I and my colleague were impressed with his depth of knowledge and how he kept his teaching entertaining, with the right amount of information you will need to enable you to expand your knowledge more meaningfully in the future.


Personally, I liked his style of presenting that suits business people and our way of thinking. His teaching is closer to the real world than many classes I have attended. I truly enjoyed my three days with John and came back with a lot more knowledge and more confident in this Energy Storage subject. Thank you, John."

Suvit Limvattanakul, General Manager, Bangkok Cogeneration Company (Thailand)

"I attended the “Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies” course taught by John and it was the most comprehensive training that I had in renewable energy. It covered all broad aspects of renewable energy and had sessions of in-depth technical and financial analysis on wind and solar energy.


John has deep expertise in the renewable energy sector and is up-to-date on the current market trends. He has a natural ability to explain complex terms and break them into comprehensive bits for understanding. I would recommend my colleagues to his future courses."


Timothy Ow, Business Development Manager, Keppel FELS Limited (Singapore)

"I had the privilege of taking John’s 5-day training course on renewables. I can easily say that it was the best investment i ever made for my professional development.


The course was very holistic – it covered technical aspects of all renewables technologies and also delved into financials and economics of renewables. John has solid grasp not just over different aspects of renewables industry, but also over different segments of the energy & power industry. I felt that the knowledge was imparted in a very methodical and logical manner which made the learning even more enjoyable and immersive.


John is also a wonderful communicator and has the ability to translate the most complex technical matters into simplest of words. The course and training was a good mix of theory and practical hands-on experience.


For me the most enjoyable portion of the course was the LCOE model that explained how the economics and all the technical parameters of renewable technologies fit together – that LCOE tool proved to be extremely useful for my latter work experience. I also enjoyed the energy modeling exercise where we had to develop the right energy mix for a country.


Overall, the 5-day course offered by John was totally worth it. I highly recommend the renewable energy courses/workshops offered by John to anyone who is interested in learning more about any aspect of renewables/clean energy."

Aun Mela, Renewable Energy Analyst, Saudi Aramco (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

"I have now taken 2 courses taught by John (Renewables Mini-MBA and Storage). I not only would recommend him without reservations, but I have also been sending my team to his courses.


He combines detailed technical expertise with deep knowledge of the (complex) energy markets, also bringing it all together in the context of each relevant regulation and the economic business cases underlying investment decisions. I have enjoyed his courses – and have learnt a lot from them."

Koo Cho, Head of Energy & Natural Resources - EMEA Loan Distribution, Crédit Agricole CIB (UK)

"I recently finished a 1 week training on Renewable Energy with John as the instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. John is a very good instructor and makes the sessions very interactive also pooling in the significant experience of others in the sessions.


He is very knowledgable on all aspects of the topic including recent developments and enables his trainees to make critical connections between different aspects. I would highly recommend him."

Yesim Akun Roth, Head of Strategy & Finance Group, Hitay Holdings (Turkey)

"I attended one of John’s courses. He was personable and very thorough and the course was well researched, interesting and on point. John managed to include attendees from many different parts of the industry from many countries and pack a lot of information into 5 days and incorporated a fascinating group exercise/presentation project on the last day.


Highly recommended for anyone looking to gain knowledge in Renewable Energy."

Dan Thompson, Head of Environmental Products, Tullett Prebon (UK)

"Having attended a 5-day seminar led by John Massey covering the field of renewable energy from an investment-, technology- and political angle; I can say that John Massey is a source of inspiration. He stands out with his capabilities as instructor fuelling discussions as well as having a broad knowledge base of his own."

Anders Thorsen, Chief Underwriter, Eksport Kredit Fonden (Denmark)

"I participated on one of John’s courses in renewable energy. This was one of my best spent weeks on training all year! A good and efficient way of getting an overview of the renewable energy sector. I found John very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in presenting the material, also enabling knowledge exchange between participants in the group.


I really enjoyed his interesting lessons and the group work he provided for additional learning outcome. Thanks John!"

Hanne Marit Bjørk, Vice President Corporate R&D, Statkraft Development AS (Norway)

"John has in-depth knowledge in the renewable energy sector. I found him to be very effective in highlighting the decisions that come into play in creating an energy strategy. Through sharing of unbiased analysis, highlighting technology pros and cons as well as the associated industry challenges he demonstrates a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the renewable energy business that is an extremely valuable resource to his clients."

Brenden Marchewka, Project Development - Major Projects - Power/Renewables, Enbridge (Canada)

"John represents a thoughtful and unbiased view in the realm of renewable energy. His insights are well reasoned, clear and, perhaps most importantly, backed up by hard numbers. Definitely a person I would turn to for guidance in this space."

Philippe FlamandSUSI Partners AG (Switzerland)

"John is a professional trainer with excellent presentation skills. He is able to make simple presentation of complex issues and has a very good knowledge of the renewable energy matters. I highly recommend him as a trainer!"

Olivier Bontems, Directeur, IDETA (Belgium)

"I had the pleasure of working with John for a number of years and can genuinely say he’s one of the most professional and knowledgeable people I know. His ability to analyse extremely complex information and ensure people at any level, from entry-level, to board-level, can understand and use that information is second to none.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to anybody who is looking for the best of the best in energy analysis, training or advice."

Claire Poole, Principal, ClearBright Consulting (UK)

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