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Energy Storage

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Typically based on 4 x 3 hour sessions.

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Course objectives – is this for you?

This energy storage course is intended for those in business, commercial and strategically focused roles within the power sector.

You will leave with a clearly explained and independent perspective on how energy storage is transforming the power landscape, and which technical solutions exist or are emerging. You will understand where in the power system the applications of energy storage are most significant and rapid, and how they integrate with wider trends such as electrification and 'net zero'. You will be better placed to evaluate new opportunities and risks for your business, learning from illustrations and practices taken from a global perspective.


Session 1: Battery storage (essentials of technologies & deployment)

A clear explainer for business people of current and emerging battery technologies, plus key issues including degradation, safety and sustainability.

Session 2: ‘Utility’-scale energy storage applications

An up-to-date briefing on how and large-scale energy storage systems are being deployed in the centre of modern power systems, including for grid operations, system flexibility and peak capacity planning.

Session 3: Distributed & behind-the-meter energy storage

An analysis of the role of energy storage in power system decentralisation; including battery deployment ‘behind-the-meter’ and local distribution networks, including disruptive trends such as aggregation and 'vehicle-to-grid' (V2G).

Session 4: Non-battery and long-duration storage solutions

A quantification of the requirements for large-scale energy storage solutions, including multi-day durations, plus a clear picture of the solutions landscape (with practical and economic pros and cons).

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